Salon Hygiene – Covid 19

We are taking the following hygiene measures in order to keep ourselves and our clients as safe as possible.



  • Appointment only – we can allow one person at a time, per stylist, in the salon. 
  • Two-metre distancing is required except when with your stylist.
  • Protective Face masks will be required to be worn around the salon
  • Hands need to be sanitised on entering the salon. Hand sanitiser will be provided, or if you prefer, you can use your own.
  • Guests will be required to leave their contact details in line with the NHS Test and Trace procedure.
  • Please keep personal belongings to a minimum – hopefully this can be revised as we move towards the winter .
  • Food cannot be consumed while in the salon.
  • Toilet facilities: If you’ve got to go you’ve to go! When using our facilities please close the lid when flushing, disinfect the toilet seat and handle (spray provided) then dry – if you prefer we can supply gloves. Hand washing facilities – soap and paper towels provided. Please leave the door open both during and after use – we know you’re in there!
  • Refreshments. We can now only offer bottled water, feel free to bring your own. Please refrain from drinking while with your stylist.
  • Please try to arrive at your appointment on time. We know this isn’t always possible but unfortunately we can only offer you our time for the remainder of your appointment, as we now we can not provide a waiting area for guests.



  • We will be wearing visors.
  • Each section will be cleaned straight after use, including chairs and hard surfaces, and all equipment will be disinfected between guest.
  • A clean gown and two clean towels per client will be provided and stored safely.
  • Two-metre  distancing will be observed except when we are with our clients.
  • Screens will be in place centrally in the salon and at the back wash.
  • We are still offering our one-hour appointment for haircuts.
  • We will change into our salon clothes on arrival, safely storing our travelling clothes.
  • There will be closed bins in the salon and bathroom areas.
  • The salon will be well-ventilated.

Unfortunately, due to the new hygiene measures, we have to have a small price increase.